Post operation discomfort is usually minimal with most patients requiring no more than panadeine or panadol after their procedures.

After nasal surgery the nose will commonly feel blocked and stuffy.

Dressings are often placed in the nose to help with postoperative healing and for several years now our favoured dressing dissolves and washes away without the need for removal. When these dressings wash away the nose opens up and your breathing will improve.

It is normal to feel quite stuffy in the nose for 2 weeks postoperatively. Saline nasal washes are very important to help clear your stuffy nose and for best results should be used regularly following your surgery.

Most patients will be discharged with antibiotics  and a saline nasal wash as well as ‘Nozoil’ – a Vitamin E based nasal spray to aid healing.

We encourage you to try to avoid blowing the nose for the first few days and then commence gentle blowing as required.

Your first post operative appointment with Mr Burgess will be within two to three weeks post operatively and the sinuses will be inspected and any adherent secretions or dressings removed.

Preferred program for nasal washes

FirstAt least 4 times per day followed by nozoil and antibiotics
Second3 times per day followed ny Nozoil
Third2 times daily with Nozoil as required


You can make the saline solution up yourself at home, just follow the directions below.

1. Clean a 1 cup glass jar carefully, then fill it with bottled water. You need not boil the water.
2. Add 1 heaped teaspoon of rock salt. Do NOT use table salt as it contains additives.
3. Add a pinch of baking soda (pure bicarbonate).
4. Store at room temperature and shake or stir before each use.
5. Make a new batch weekly.

1. Pour some of the mixture into a clean bowl. Warming it to body temperature may help, but make sure it is NOT hot.
2. Fill the syringe or bulb irrigator. To avoid contamination, DO NOT place bulb or syringe into jar.

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