The area where the tonsils were will be sore, although some of the newer techniques in removing tonsils dramatically reduce the post op pain and discomfort. You will have analgesics to go home with.

It is common for the area where the tonsils were to appear white. This is the natural combination of the muscle tissue in the throat and saliva. This will remain white for 10-14 days until the mucosa in the mouth grows over the tonsillar fossa.

It is important to take regular analgesia during your post operative recovery to allow you to eat and drink normally and allow natural cleaning of mouth. Failure to do this raises the risk of developing post operative bleeding. Should this occur it is important to contact Mr Burgess immediately.

Ear pain or otalgia is common after tonsillectomy and is a normal part of healing.

Adenoidectomy is usually done as a day case procedure or sometimes with tonsillectomy. Post operatively, some nasal discharge can occur and this can be blood stained. This usually has very little in the way of post operative discomfort and can be managed with simple paracetamol.

Returning to normal activities usually occurs 7-14 days after Tonsillectomy and 2-3 days after Adenoidectomy.

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